RNA denaturant: methylmercuric hydroxide

Parke K. Flick ch994 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Fri Aug 4 09:36:54 EST 1995

Methylmercury hydroxide at one time was sold by Alfa Inorganics
in the US.  This company is now known as Alfa Aesar Johnson
Matthey.  I would recommend you contact them at 1-800-343-0660.
If they no longer sell it, they may be able to put you on to
an alternative source.
P. Flick
Parke K. Flick, Ph.D.   ch994 at cleveland.freenet.edu
Amersham Life Science, Inc.
Cleveland, OH  44128  Phone:216-464-9277;FAX:216-360-0975

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