microtiterplates for sequencing

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>Date:    2-AUG-1995 10:36
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>Description: Re: microtiterplates for sequencing
>In article <1995Jul31.171504.22159 at newsserver.rrzn.uni-hannover.de>, bmay
><ndxdbmay at rrzn.uni-hannover.de> says:
>>I've heard of those microtiterplates for sequencing, but I dont know
>>where to obtain them. Does anybody out there know ?
>Is this simply the streptavidin coated ELISA plates?
>KeldS at uic.edu

I dono how people use ELISA plates for sequensing, but we use
MicroSample Plate (or so called Terasaki, not sure for exact spelling) for
our sequencing reactions.

We bought oures from Pharmacia Co.N: 18-1013-69.
It comprises 10 rows of 6 15 ul-wells with a lid.


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