pKIL18 or pKIL19: Does anybody have them?

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Sat Aug 5 06:05:42 EST 1995

In article: <vam2-0408951548530001 at>  vam2 at (Viraj Master) writes:
> Hello Netters,
> I was wondering if anybody has used the pKIL18/pKIL19 positive-selection
> vectors?  If they worked in your hands I would very much like to hear
> about it...and perhaps get a nanogram or two from you.  A description of
> the construction of these vectors was published by Dr. P. Bernard in Gene
> (1994) vol. 148 pages 71-4.  

The authors are not making them available 'cos they have licensed the 
complete system to Invitrogen ie pZERO system. 

We are playing with the pZERO system. Not liking Zeocin we have replaced it
with Kan. The vector is certainly 100% lethal in the appropriate host. We'll
be trying some cloning (libraries) later next week so I'll let you all know
whether it works.

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