No way.

Bernard Murray murrayb at
Mon Aug 7 15:16:57 EST 1995

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>>> Yesterday I found that the only clone had died!!! (dried out in incubator;
>>> technician forget to add water). The month of hard work trashed.
>>> It kills me, I need rest. I want vacation.

[Helpful advice for plasmid rescue deleted]

Ah, this assumes that it is a *plasmid* clone!  What if it was a cell clone?
(yes, I know that this newsgroup is molbio but....).  Having once lost
monoclonal antibody secreting hybridoma lines through liquid nitrogen
freezer failure I can sympathise on that front.  I also read an article
some time ago that it was possible to harvest the genomic DNA from such
dead hybridoma lines rescue the clone.  I don't know if this was intended
for antibody production in bacteria/baculo etc. or if the genes were moved
to another cell but the whole idea sounded neat.
	Hopefully it was a nice easy plasmid that could be rescued...
			Good luck!
bernard at

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