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> We are loocking for all technical and commercial information concerning
DNA chip, and AFFYMAX 
> corporation. 

Affymax was recently purchased by Glaxo, as a sidelight to the purchase
of Wellcome.  Glaxo is currently digesting Affymax, which continues to 
operate as an independent company.  Most of the DNA chip work was actually
taking place at an Affymax spinoff called Affymetrix.  Both are in Palo
Alto, California, USA.  General phone number of Affymax (as of a year
ago) is 415.496.2300.  As far as I know Affymetrix continues to pursue
the DNA-on-a-chip technology.

Disclaimer - I was an NIH postdoc at Affymax, but now have no ties
other than emotional to the company.

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