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Guilherme Oliveira guilher at
Mon Aug 7 11:52:11 EST 1995

I have been using lately the S&S Rad-Free kit, and it has been working
well.  It labels the nucleic acid (RNA, DNA, oligo) with psoralen/biotin.
Let me know if you need more details.
Good luck,

In article <404n1d$c1b at>, zywzyw at (Zhengyang Wu) says:

>There are other alternatives. Almost every bigger companies have own
>non-radioactive labelling kits. Can someone who have experience in this
>give me some suggestion which one I should buy for genomic DNA Southern?
>Is there any other way to label DNA-probe without using harmful P32 for
>this application?

>e-mail: zywzyw at
>Can anyone tell me how the world will look like after 5 million years?

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