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Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Mon Aug 7 20:43:34 EST 1995

In article <3vtr5g$3q7 at>, leach at (martin LEACH) writes:
> Hi netters,
> Is there a centralized source of information for transcripxn I
> really have to go to med-line and track down all the references for
> see which are important and which are not....
> is there an easy way out..
> .....          Martin Leach                Email:leach at 

Hi Martin...

Yes there is! Try these web sites and other resources:

TFD (Transcription Factor Database)
Gopher: (go to "Molecular Biology 
Databases/Other Databases/" directory)
E-mail: tfdhelp at 
Anonymous ftp: (in /repository/TFD)

TRANSFAC (Transcription Factors and Sites)
E-mail: transfac at

You can also access TRANSFAC from the Sequence Retrieval System at EBI
( and other places.



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