paired domains?

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> Hi, netters!
> I have recently come across the term "paired domains" while reading a 
> paper on a transcriptional activator.  I am very familiar with 
> homeodomains, but my efforts to find a description on paired domains in 
> literature/texts have been futile.  If anyone can describe/define them, 
> or provide for me a review article or text chapter, or any info for that 
> matter, it would be greatly appreciated.

Paired domains:  name comes from a Drosophila gene known as 
"paired (prd)".  It is a DNA -binding domain found in a handful 
of mammalian genes (pax/PAX); some of the PAX genes also contain 
homeobox sequences.  A lit search for PAX genes will yield many 
hits - PAX6 is the aniridia gene, PAX3 is involved in 
Waardenburg's syndrome a translocation in alveolar 
rhabdomyosarcomas etc... They are hot because for a small family 
of genes they are proving very important in human and mouse 


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