Library screening alternatives?

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Mon Aug 7 20:01:54 EST 1995

In article <3vomhu$65j at>, sullivan at (Steven Sullivan) writes:
> It's been some years since I screened a lambda gt11/cDNA library, using
> the tried-and-tru (but labor intensive and slow) plaque hybridization
> method -- I'm wondering if in the interim any cool new (e.g. PCR based?)
> methods have arisen to make library screening quicker, easier, etc. 

IMH (if not a little old fashioned) O,  for isolating recombinant 
phage nothing beats good old plaque lifts.  There seems to be a 
philosophy that anything other than PCR is outmoded and 
ineffective, but plaque screening almost always works, and it 
isn't subject to false positives (provided you do duplicate 
lifts), false negatives and contamination.  My advice would be to 
dig out the filters and start looking for spots!


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