No way.

Elizabeth Bates bates at
Mon Aug 7 10:07:23 EST 1995

pnh at (Paul N Hengen) wrote:
>Nikolai writes:
>> Yesterday I found that the only clone had died!!! (dried out in incubator;
>> technician forget to add water). The month of hard work trashed.
>> It kills me, I need rest. I want vacation.
>Wait!!! Don't throw out that dead culture! ......

PCR also works. I know, the same thing happened to me except it was me that forgot the clone. (No one else to blame...). Scrape a bit of the dead culture into water and PCR with a 5 min denaturation at the begining. This way you can also make recloning easier by choosing your oligos.

Hope this helps. Liz.

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