Transfection of B cell-lines

Laurentiu COCEA cocea at
Mon Aug 7 06:39:40 EST 1995

r.p.yeo at wrote:
>    I am trying to transfect Daudi and Raji cell-lines with a number of
> expression vectors with either HCMV or RSV LTR promotors with very little
> success.  Is there anybody out there with experience in transfecting these
> lines either transiently or stable and could they email me a procotol. 
> Thanking you in advance.
> Paul Yeo
> AMS,
> The University of Reading
> Whiteknights, PO BOX 228
> Email r.p.yeo at

Hi- I have not tried to transfect either Daudi or Raji cells but I 
transfect quite often 230/238 mouse pre-B cells with DEAE-dextran and
it works fine. If you want the protocol just let me know and I
shall send it to you. I'm at cocea at



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