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f.r.byrne gen126 at
Mon Aug 7 04:45:07 EST 1995

Yes, this would definetly happen if
your running buffer or sample buffer m0olarities
or pHs were way off.
Best to make them up again (yourself,
to be completely sure) and if that doesn't work then
well, yes you've got a problem

University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Sailesh Surapureddi (SaiSu at MCB.LiU.SE) wrote:
: >To: methods-and-reagents at
: >From: Giorgio Spagnol <spagnol at>
: >Subject: Help in SDS-PAGE
: >Date: 29 Jul 1995 08:16:40 GMT
: >
: >Hi netters,
: >
: >Seems that my destiny in these days is to have troubles in one
: >dimensional SDS-PAGE. Lately, instead of migrating as bands, my 
: sample
: >form two vertical streaks wich seem to migrate from the sides of the
: >wells down in the gel. I usually make a 6% gel and run it for two 
: >hours.
: >It makes no difference if I load 10 ug or 10 ng.
: >Any suggestion? I thank you in advance.
: >Giorgio

: Giorgio,
: 	Did you check what salt you have in your samples, usually this kind 
: of thing happens when you have K+ salts or Amm.Sulfate, so dialyze  
: your sample and also try with a fresh sample buffer, better change all 
: the reagents and you should be out of the woods.
: Sailesh.
: PS: Research is about learning philosophy, the two streaks represt 
: 'ambition and goal' which never meets. Just Kidinn...

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