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Tue Aug 8 11:44:04 EST 1995

Hi Martin,

    If you look at the *raw* Transcription Factor Database (The "TFD" database) 
file in ASCII format, you will note that it contains a reference for each 
factor/binding site.  Could these be the type of references that you are 
looking for?   Perhaps the program that you are using does not support the 
reference fields.  As I posted previously, I have converted the TFD Main File 
into an indexed MS Access database table.  Also the ASCII version is available 
from the NCBI, but, of course, it's unwieldy to use as straight text.  I'm sure 
you're already aware of the numerous WWW sites available for searching the TFD.  
I would bet at least one of them provides access to literature references.  If 
you're interested in the MS Access version, I could send it to you (you need to 
have MS Access).

On the other hand, perhaps you already know this, and are looking for more 
information?  In any case, I hope this helps.


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>Hi netters,
>I have been analyzing my promoter DNA seq and it has come up with a plethora
>of matches for transxn factor sites...
>My question is:
>Is there a centralized source of information for transcripxn I
>really have to go to med-line and track down all the references for
>see which are important and which are not....
>is there an easy way out..
>hear from you soon post/email
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