Purification of egg yolk antibodies

Michael Bausher mbausher at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Tue Aug 8 09:35:12 EST 1995


Your message to the net parallels some work I am doing.  I am in the 
process of having antibodies raised in chicken and found a method for the 
purification of Ig"s .  Look in volume 2 of Cell Biology (Academic, 
press-1994).  The article is by Kokko et al., p282-288.  It contains a 
fairly complete discription of Ig purification including buffer systems. 
If you don"t have access to these protocol sent me an email and I will 
FAX it to you.   The literature citation at the end of the chapter will 
be very useful.

I would like to keep in touch to see how your affinity column works out. 


Michael Bausher

PS -- the system I'm working with are synthetic peptides to plant derived 

On 8 Aug 1995, Frank Neumann wrote:

> Trying to get antibodies against conserved protein. Initial results with
> modified Gassmann et al. FASEB 90 protocol quite promissing, but antibody
> preparations seem sensitive to repeated thawing/freezing (-70) cycles. How
> to store them safely? Another problem: high background sometimes. Does
> anybody have experiences how to further purify them (protocol for antigen
> affinity column- IgY binding/elution, protein A equivalent)? Currently
> testing gamma Yolk purification kit from Pharmacia Biotech. Too expensive
> for our group to be used in general. Anything known about the composition
> of separation reagent 1, buffer 2, and separation reagent 3?
> Thanks Frank
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