*** TRizol LS for Tissue RNA ***

Steven Poet poets at ccmail.orst.edu
Tue Aug 8 11:10:59 EST 1995

Why don't you freeze your tissue in liquid nitrogen and crush it in
a mortar and pestle?  Use the trizol while you are crushing.  This 
should give you good results with very little RNA degradation, if
your tissue is fresh or flash frozen.

schonhoft.2 at osu.edu (B.Schonhoft) wrote:
> I want to use Trizol LS (BRL) for isolating RNA from tissue samples.  I've
> used it successfully in several other RNA isolations from cell culture,
> blood, etc.
> The tissue protocol calls for using a "tissuemizer" or some other tissue
> homogenization machine.  Has anyone used Trizol for tissue RNA isolation
> without using a homogenizer machine?  Can you just cut tissue up and
> vortex?  I don't have enough tissue to see if that'll work.  Thankyou.

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