Using [3H]Tdr labelled DNA on Agarose Gels

Syema Muzaffar, MD, MHS syema at
Tue Aug 8 21:45:48 EST 1995

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> Does anybody have any experience in developing autoradiographs with
> Tritium labelled DNA and agarose gels. My experiment requires me to use a
> 0.5% agarose gel with EtBr 0.5ug/ml. My gels are about 6mm thick. I am
> using Dupont-NEN ENHANCE to prepare my gels. The trouble that I am having
> is with quenching of counts, and that it is taking much longer exposuer
> than I expect it to get perceptible bands on my autoradiograph. I have
> have had extensive discussions with the company and the only crticism that
> they have been able to come up with is that my gel is too thick. I am now
> preparing a 3mm gel and repeating my experiment to see if that makes any
> difference. If any body has dealt with a similar problem successfully
> would really appreciate any help that you could provide.
> Thanks
> Syema Muzaffar, MD, MHS

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