RNA gel help

STEVE MADISON g5300013 at nickel.laurentian.ca
Tue Aug 8 14:25:46 EST 1995


i have been getting some pretty wierd migration patterns while running a 
formaldehyde gel electrophoresis of RNA.  it looks like a wine glass in that 
it narrows between the 5s and 18s bands.  has anyone experienced this before?  
i was just wondering how important the current is to running a successful RNA 
electrophoresis gel.  according to Protocols in Molecular Biology the voltage 
should be 5 V/cm but no mention is made of the proper current setting.  are 
there any rules of thumb?  is there a proper current?  any help is greatly 

steve madison
neuromuscular research
laurentian university
g5300013 at nickel.laurentian.ca

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