DNA chips

Pierre BREESE breese at imaginet.fr
Wed Aug 9 06:45:46 EST 1995

we are looking for exchanging information (technical ; economical ; finacial, etc...) on DNA chips. 
More particularly we are looking for :
- name, E. Mail and adress of companies and searchers involved in the DNA chips technology,
- information concerning the finacial help granted by the US Department of Commerce ($56 million) 
to 13 companies.
- the state of the art, the experimental results.
- economical forecast concerning biochips,
- the reports submitted by the 13 above cited companies for receiving the funding awards from the 
Advanced Technology Programm of the US Department of Commerce.

All information concerning biochips will be useful, and we can lso provide you with our information 
(project and patent states in Europe).

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