Need colorimetric assay to detect PCR products.

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>I am searching for colorimetric methods of detection for PCR products. 
>The assay need not be specific, as in DNA sequence, just a simple positive
>or negative result relating to the presence or absence of product.  This
>will facilitate the screening of thousands of PCR reactions I will be
>performing in search of a negative result.  It would be much easier (not
>to mention less time consuming) to place the reactions in a microtiter
>dish and have it screened by a plate reader, or visually if possible, than
>to screen every sample by agarose gel electrophoresis.  Any ideas would be

There are a number of methods in the literature. We are attempting to set up 
Q-PCR based on the method of Alard, P et al, (1993) BioTechniques 15, 730-737.
You might also want to look at Chevrier, D. et al (1993) Mol. and Cellular 
Probes, 7, 187-197, and Lehtovaara, P. et al (1993) 3, 169-175. Boehringer 
also sel kit/reagents to do this with their digoxygenin reagents.

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