HIV reagents wanted

Klaus Lehnert 100116.1552 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Aug 9 03:24:05 EST 1995

Hi folks
I'm planning a new project on the effect of HIV proteins on T cells. I will need the reagents listed below, and would be grateful if anyone could tell me where to get them:
1. A cDNA or an engineered gene encoding HIV-1 gp120 (or gp160), preferably
for expression in Chinese hamster ovary cells, although others or soluble gp120
also welcome.
2. Antibodies (or hybridoma) against HIV-1 gp120, the HIV-1 tat protein and
against human CD26.
3. A plasmid to test HIV tat protein function in eukaryotic cells, eg an 
LTR-Luciferase or -beta-galactosidase plasmid.

Thanks very much, and feel free to ask if I can provide anything (including 
help) to you, I'm a former yeast geneticist-turned-immunologist to give you
an idea what might be available.

Klaus Lehnert, University of Auckland, Dept. Molecular Medicine, 
Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand.
E-mail: mmm_klehnert at
CServe: 100116,1552

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