direct PCR from bacterial colonies.

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>Does anyone have a method for PCr amplification of a plasmid from bacteria
>scraped off a plate into a 96-well plate as an alternative to minipreps, i.e
>how do you make sure that the bacteria lyse ? is 5 minutes at 95 C enough or do
>you have to do anything else ? I'm sure I heard someone talking about this once
>but I cant remember where.
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I have done PCR directly from colonies in a tube, not on a 96 well 
plate.  The organism I was working with was a gram - bacteria, and there 
was no problem with lysis at 95 C for 5 minutes.  Other organisms with a 
tougher cell wall might be more difficult; I'm not sure.  But I think 
just about any non-thermophilic organism's cells should lyse pretty 
thoroughly at 95 C.  Good Luck!


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