Urgent need for cloning vector with particular order of sites

Bernard Murray murrayb at dc37a.nci.nih.gov
Wed Aug 9 13:50:06 EST 1995

In article <408qdc$pv1 at remus.reed.edu>, yeast at reed.edu says...
>If anyone has a cloning vector that has sites in the order
>[SalI or ClaI] then MluI then [XbaI preferred but could be
>NotI or EagI], would you please send it to us since 
>we have an urgent need to finish up a summer 
>undergraduate research project.  There can be other sites
>in between EXCEPT for HindIII, BamHI, and SacII.

>Peter Russell
>yeast at reed.edu

MluI seems a pretty rare site - not in pBluescript or any of the pGEM's.
I've only used it recently for cutting Promega's pCI-neo but alas the SalI
and XbaI sites are on the same side of the MCS :-(

HOWEVER since SalI ends are compatible with XhoI you could maybe use this 
vector as it is  -Nhe-Xho-Eco-Mlu-Xba-Sal-Acc-Sma-Not-
so Xho and (Xba or Not) flank Mlu without the three you do not want.

Do any of the vector databases out there allow seraching by MCS?

MluI has ends compatible with AflIII, AscI and BssHII.  Any chance of
skipping around with these?

		Good luck!
bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov

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