Background in immunostaining. Help.

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Wed Aug 9 15:57:16 EST 1995

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> Dear fellow scientists,
> I'm trying to immunostain Myelin with the serum of a patients having
> serum's IgMs toward a myelin-specific glycoprotein.
> However, my second, FITC Ab always give me serious problem of background,
> even at a 1:3000 dilution. 

I would suggest that you try another source of FITC-labelled second
antibody.  If you still have the problem, maybe there is endogenous human
Ig sticking to the specimen.  This possibility is a little remote given
the fixation steps.  In the end you might just have to be comfortable
measuring an increase over the base signal in the presence of the
patient's anti-MAG serum.

Good luck,

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