help! pcr of mtDNA control region

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Wed Aug 9 17:36:01 EST 1995

In article <40936m$nv2 at>, julia54601 at (Julia54601) says:
>Our lab has a strange result from the pcr of a 500 bp region that contains
>short repeat sequences.  Although we a pcr-ing from an isolated fragment,
>we are getting a heavy smear above the anticipated product.  Very large --
>right up to the wells.  We tried making the pcr more stringent and it
>won't go away.  Has anyone ever heard of repeat sequences acting as
>self-primers, sort of stringing products together?  Any advice or
>speculations?  Please send e-mail to my address:  Julia54601 at  

Try other primers. MtDNA is highly repeated. Thats important for the disign of primers.
We created a program especially to avoid that problem.
We work on mtDNA too and had simular problems.
Try PrimerDesign to avoid it. You can find it at our side:

or easier browse our www-site:

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