Questions about F'plasmid in male E. coli strain.

Qiaoping Yuan yuanqiao at
Thu Aug 10 16:39:07 EST 1995

I have a clone on a pUC-based vector in a male E. coli strain (has F'
plasmid) When I extracted the plasmid DNA from this strain, I got two high copy
number plasmids (one of them was supposed to be my clone). My questions are:

1. Is F'plasmid a high copy number in E. coli?

2. What is the size of the F' plasmid (its genotype is F' traD36 proAB<+>
   lacI<q> lacZdeltaM15)?

3. How can I separate these two plasmids (can I separate them by transform
   another E.coli strain, e.g. DH5a)?

Thanks a lot.

Qiaoping Yuan
Michigan State University

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