pH growth optimum of bacteria

"Marianne Leverone ", BIO leverone at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU
Thu Aug 10 11:07:25 EST 1995

aha:  yes use a phosphate buffer system.  for instance, the minimal 
medium that I use contains 2.5 mM potassium phosphate dibasic and 2.5 mM 
potassium phosphate monobasic.  You can adjust the pH before filling up 
to volume.  I don't know how this would work with extreme high and low 
pH's however.  marainne Leverone, Univ. of south Fla.  Tampa, fl 

On 10 Aug 1995 aha at GERGA.SUN.AC.ZA wrote:

> Could anyone tell me how one prepares media for bacteria in order to obtain 
> different pH values? Does one use the phosphate buffer system and if so at 
> what concentration? Are there any pitfalls in the experimental design to 
> avoid?. Thanks.

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