Want Latest Strider was DNA Strider

Greg Gloor ggloor at julian.uwo.ca
Thu Aug 10 10:21:57 EST 1995

> We would dearly love to get our hands on the latest Strider - we
> only have the very first release.  Please tell us where we can get
> it, or send it to us.  If it lives up to the first one and improves
> on it, I would gladly register a few copies for my lab.
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> Tony P Hodge
> Structural Studies Division
> MRC-LMB,  Hills Road 
> Cambridge,  CB2  2QH,  UK
> Tel (01223) 402260
> Fax (01223) 213556
> tph at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
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I would also like the newer version, but have been unable to get it by
legitimate means (Never cashed by cheque) or otherwise through friends.
Would you share your source for Strider 1.2 if you ever find a copy?


Greg Gloor, Biochemistry, University of Western Ontario
ggloor at julian.uwo.ca

Dr. Greg Gloor, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
University of Western Ontario
ggloor at julian.uwo.ca

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