ApoTag Kit

Mark Danielsen dan at biochem1.basic-sci.georgetown.edu
Thu Aug 10 09:45:50 EST 1995

In article <rboggs-0708950855030001 at>, rboggs at isisph.com
(Russ Boggs) wrote:

> Somewhere on my desk there may be an ad for an ApoTag kit, but I certainly
> can't find it anymore (grin).  Does anyone know who makes this kit?  Has
> anyone used it?  
> Thanks,
> --Russ Boggs
> PS:  This is NOT the ApopTag kit from Oncor.

Trevigen sells apoptosis kits that are reputed to work very well - is this
what you are looking for?  Their number is 



regulate at access.digex.net


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