Need GTPase for positive control

Steve Mcclue Steven_Mcclue-1%notes at
Fri Aug 11 04:00:21 EST 1995

In article <newitt-1008951734290001 at>, newitt at says...
>I am doing some GTPase assays and would like to obtain an enzyme with
>intrinsic GTPase activity to use as a positive control.

John, I don't know what kind of GTPase assays you're doing and how pure you need the proteins to 
be, but most membrane preps will contain G-proteins which have an intrinsic GTPase activity in 
the range you're looking for. I don't know if the purified proteins are commercially available 
(if you use Gi or Go, you shouldn't need any GAP), but I think that if you wanted purified 
G-proteins someone like Paul Sternweis might be the person to ask.

E-mail me for more info, if you're interested.


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