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Denni Schnapp ds4 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Fri Aug 11 08:48:24 EST 1995

Hi netters,

10 days ago I ordered some powdered L-15 medium for ICN which seems to be
the only suitable medium for the primary cultures of crustacean cells I am
currently trying. Many previous attempts had been usuccessful and with only
a short time left to do this work I hoped for better results with L-15 and
a speedy return of same from ICN. However, nothing was heard for 10 days.
Phoning the company they said the stuff is out-of-stock and an explanatory
letter was dispatched the day following the order. This letter never reached
me, this is hardly what I would call immediate notification in the case of
delay as promised in the company catalogue. What is wrong with phoning or
faxing (or e-mailing for that matter).
This little episode means that I am now left with less than 6 weeks to do
my work in. And why this may mean little to ICN, I am very anoyed by such
an attitude to customer service from a major supplier. Nor is this the first
time it has happened with companies (ICN or others).

Unfortunately as individuals we are pretty helpless if the big suppliers
wish to bugger us about. I think open criticism such as this may help to
speed matters along a bit in the future. Please forgive me if I have wasted
your time, but I am sure I am not the only one with bad experiences in this

I am, of course, not affiliated to any company.


Denni Schnapp
Gatty Marine Laboratory			ds4 at st-and.ac.uk
University of St. Andrews	http://www.st-and.ac.uk/~www_sa/personal/ds4/	
St. Andrews Fife KY16 8LB


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