Plasmid software for windows

Mary Karczewski mk32e at
Fri Aug 11 15:24:31 EST 1995

BGOG5 at MLUBIOS8.BIOLOGIE.UNI-HALLE.DE ("Hendrik Ballerstedt") wrote:
>>mintz at (Cliff Mintz) wrote:
>>     Does anyone out there know of windows- based software for 
>> constructing plasmid maps, restriction maps etc?  Any info. in this area 
>> would be greatly appreciated.
>You may test WinPlas 2.0 by Rich Goldstein. Demo version can be 
>obtained from web site
>(System requirements windows 3.1. not OS/2).

You can also try Clone Manager for Windows- I'm not too sure where it can 
be obtained, but it is what we use here.

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