Sequence analysis programs.

Dr Alexander J Annala ucklw08 at
Fri Aug 11 13:57:27 EST 1995

>The 4th time my power Mac crashed today using Geneworks has prompted me to
>ask for advise regarding DNA/protein analysis programs.  I wasn't real
>happy with MacVector and I know that a few new programs are on the
>market.  Any suggestions?  

I posted pretty much this same query a couple of weeks ago.  While there were 
isolated references to other products to try for comparison, the universal 
recommendation (among 24 replies) was to take a look at Sequencher 3.0 from:

      Gene Codes Corporation
      2901 Hubbars Street
      Ann Arbor, MI  48105-2467
      United States of America

      USA:  1-800-497-4939
      Tel:  1-313-769-7249
      Fax:  1-313-769-7074

      email:  info at

Our own internal evaluation of this product on assembling a few contigs 
for a small sequencing project suggests this is an excellent product for
Macintosh and PowerMacintosh environments.  We will likely acquire the
fully functional product.  However, in the interim, the demo product was
extremely useful in solving problems other products (ABI AutoAssembler,
MacVector, etc) could not adequately handle on their own.

I would recommend comparing the Gene Codes Sequencer 3.0 product with
any other product you might consider purchasing.  The demo disk which
is available for free from Gene Codes is extremely convincing.

Cheers, AJ Annala

Alexander J. Annala
Senior Research Fellow
Laboratory for Molecular Pharmacology
New MRC Building, 4th Floor
University College
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