immunocytochemistry in monocots vs dicots

Nancy A. Markley markley at
Fri Aug 11 13:13:36 EST 1995

Dear readers,

I have fixed root tips from onion and Brassica using
the same solution of periodate-lysine-paraformaldehyde fixation,
then stained the sections with the same primary and secondary
antibodies. Onion root tips stained the nucleus as expected but
Brassica did not under identicalconditions. I believe that
there may be a difference between the monocot and dicot  with
respect to their ability to be fixed and have the antigenic sites
still preserved.
Does anyone have any information or references which
discuss differences in the ability to fix monocots vs dicot
tissues for use in immunocytochemistry??
If anone has any suggestions or explanations for what is
happening here I would greatly appreciate the input.

Thanks in advance.
Nancy Markley

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