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>>>>  Should still work, but you need to phosphatase the vector.
>>> I would add that you want to be careful with the CIP.  I just spent the last month figuring out that
>>> I was using to much CIP, and it was ruining my cloning (I don't know if this enzyme is so harsh that
>>> it was chewing up my vector ends, or if it was making it through my gel purification to destroy my ligation).
>>> I found that 0.1 U/0.5-1.0 ug vector prevent recircularization.


>>I am _very_ careful with CIP; I never use it. (!)
>>With the usual disclaimers, I find that Shrimp (yes, I said Shrimp) AP from 
>>USB/Amersham is a beaut of an enzyme, and we now use it routinely, even for 
>>blunt ends.  Never had experience with -OH overhangs, but needles to say it's 
>>grreat with -P overhangs.



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>Hi Barry,

>I had the same problem for a longer time.
>SAP, as well as CIP, has an exonucleaseactivity when used in too great
>amounts. Try to use just a very little drop by only touching the
>AP-solution with your pipette tip. It is normally enough for

>By, Martin 

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