Glioblastoma and Antibiotics

f.r.byrne gen126 at
Mon Aug 14 05:58:07 EST 1995

don't think dso - we grow the cell line go-g-gcm here
and add pen and strep as reccomended by most catalogues
- can't remember exact conc. - and they grow just fine

shoukld be fine

good luck


Sean Stevens (stevens at wrote:
: To anyone listening:

: 	I recently received a frozen stock of glioblastoma cells (I forget the 
: exact strain) and although the media is listed there is no mention of 
: antibiotics. We regularly add penicillin and streptomycin to our tissue 
: culture cells; is there any reason not to do so with glioblastomas?

: 	Thanks,

: Sean Stevens  The Rockefeller University
: stevens at

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