separating 2,8 kb from 3,0 kb

Jim Voeller voeller at
Sun Aug 13 21:25:25 EST 1995

In article
<Pine.A32.3.91.950811134348.30598A-100000 at>, Andreas
Enger <gkd2 at> wrote:

> my problem is to separate the products of a digestion: two dna-fragments of 
> 2,8 kb and 3,0 kb, respectively. i tryed different concentrations of 
> agarose, but the 
> separation is always very poor. does anyone have a suggestion or a method?
> should i try polyacrylamide - tae - gels? what concentration then, and 
> which method of dna-purification?

Are you trying to isolate and purify one of the fragments? Perhaps you
could use a second restriction enzyme which cleaves the fragment you do
not want to isolate into smaller bands thereby allowing separation.

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