Kodalith Film Problem

Jim Hutchins hutchins at fiona.umsmed.edu
Mon Aug 14 17:55:00 EST 1995

David J. Gerrick (aa1184 at FREENET.LORAIN.OBERLIN.EDU) wrote:

: I am in the process of making 35mm slides using Kodalith film.
: The instructions indicate that the ASA setting of the camera
: should be set to 4. My camera a Pentax 1000 only has settings
: that go down to 20. How do I compensate for this? Does anyone
: out there know the e-mail address of a photographic listserv.
: I tried photo-l but our administrative handler came back
: indicating that it did not exist. Any help or direction would
: be appreciated.

This is a problem with several 'slow' films used in photodocumentation.

Using a 'standard' 35 mm setup, say a 8.5x11" original, we use an
f-stop of 11 for 1 sec.  Your mileage may vary, so you should bracket
around that (say, f4.5, f8, f11, f16, f22, all for 1") and see which
exposure gives you the best results under your conditions.  It will
vary a little depending on the reproduction scale (i.e. size of
original) and your lighting setup.
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