Who sells methylmercuric hydroxide? (CH3HgOH)

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I would like to use methylmercuric hydroxide to denature RNA, but have not been able to locate 
it in Sigma, Aldrich, or half a dozen other catalogs.  Can anyone point me to a vendor of this 

Thanks much...   Jay

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You can obtain methyl mercury hydroxide from:

Johnson Matthey Inc.
30 Bond Street
Ward Hill, MA 01835-8099
Phone 800-343-0660 or 508-521-6300
FAX   800-322-4757 or 508-521-6350

in their 1995-96 catalog MeHgOH is listed as

Methylmercury (II) hydroxide, 1M in H2O
Catalog Number 13395
C.A.S. [1184-57-2]   F.W.232.63

Price  10ml  US$59.00
       50ml  US$94.50

Hope this helps, we use it to denature mRNA for the synthesis of cDNA
Formaldehyde gels are also pretty simple, we use the method in
Davis LG, Dibner MD, Battey JF
Basic Methods in Molecular Biology
Elsevier, New York, 1986  pg.143
which uses 0.66M formaldehyde in the gel and running buffer.

N.B. I have been informed that these prices have b increased recently

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