Summary of strataclean prep protocol

Daniel Kim dkim at
Mon Aug 7 12:54:38 EST 1995


I have been following the Strataclean discussion a little late.  Was the 
original intent to find a solid phase method to remove proteins from 
nucleic acid mixtures?

If so, then you might want to try adsorbing proteins to PVDF membrane.  I 
believe S&S has a microfuge spin cup in their Ultra-Free line that has a 
PVDF membrane for this express purpose.  The paper cited in the 
instruction book describes an experiment in which RNAse A is loaded into 
a solution, then passed through the PVDF.  RNA added to the flow-through 
is not degraded, even after extensive incubation, showing that the RNAse 
is completely removed by this procedure.

Daniel Kim
(Don't ask me for the citation . . . I can't remember it.  Call S&S 

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