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Torsten Boerchers borcher at
Tue Aug 15 13:31:36 EST 1995

carsten at (Harms) wrote:
>I need information about genetically modified food. 
>The sources should show the molecular biology, so that one 
>could follow the technics. For example the tomato FLAVR SAVR.
>I tried a patent search but without success. I apreciate any help.

Dear Carsten (Harms?),
please specify what you are looking for.
The flavr savr tomato from Calgene has an antisense gene
to knock out polygalacturonase. The fruits available in 
the US also carry the kanamycin antibiotic resistance.
You should look under the enzymes name for further info.
Unfortunately I only found patents from ICI (one of the 
corresponding scientists is Grierson) with respect to 
reduced polygalacturonase, none from calgene (scientist is 
Hiatt). But I didn´t try a commercial database, just my 
favorite link to US patents

Please drop me a note if you have more questions.
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