RNA from T-cells

Guilherme Oliveira guilher at tam2000.tamu.edu
Tue Aug 15 12:40:13 EST 1995

>I need to make RNA from Buffy-coat (native) T-cells. However, with all 
>the protocolls I've used so far (e.g. GuSCN/Ultracentrifugation, 
>Chomczynski/Sacchi and Qiagen RNeasy kit), yield was incredibly low 
>(around 5 ug total RNA from 20 million cells).

>Does anyone know if this yield is in fact what one gets from native 
>T-cells or of another methods giving higher yields?
Hi, I have used Tri-reagent to extract RNA from cultured hybridomas, and
I get a lot of good quality RNA.  I use about 1x10^7 cells.
I also extract DNA, which is in good amounts and high purity,
but have not used it yet.
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