Filters for UV stains

Bernard Murray murrayb at
Tue Aug 15 11:11:27 EST 1995

Hello all,
	I am trying out the SYBR Green stain from Molecular Probes.  In the
blurb in the catalogue and adverts it claims that an optimised filter is
needed for photographing such gels so I duly ordered the "SYBR Green filter".
This turns out to be a normal Wratten No. 15 filter.  We normally use such
filters for photographing ethidium stained gels (they work) yet Molecular
Probes also advertise another filter designed for ethidium bromide stained
gels.  Have we been using the wrong filter all these years?  What is the
best filter for ethdium stained gels (this is for use with a standard
Polaroid camera and 667 film).

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