Glioblastoma and Antibiotics

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>Subject: Glioblastoma and Antibiotics
>Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 06:58:53 GMT

>        I recently received a frozen stock of glioblastoma cells (I forget 
the >exact strain) and although the media is listed there is no mention of 
>antibiotics. We regularly add penicillin and streptomycin to our tissue 
>culture cells; is there any reason not to do so with glioblastomas?

Yes, one very good reason not to add antibiotics to any (new) cell line is 
to avoid, paradoxically, mycoplasma contamination. These pests very 
frequently contaminate cell lines without the grower necessarily being aware.
They can have profound biochemical effects (you assay the bug's enzyme or 
pathway instead of the cell's). Mycs get in due to sloppy habits which 
develop when you protect from the bacterial infections which would otherwise 
results from slips in your sterile proceedures.
Leave out all antibiotics - you will loose a few cultures whilst you learn 
good sterile proceedures but the gain is clean cultures and peace of mind.
You will be amazed how many people try to brush this problem under the 
carpet and pretend it dosnt exist. Check out your cell lines with Hoechst 
stain or some other method and I will wager half you folks out there have 
contaminated cell lines. Do you dare to try ??

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