Why use LMP agarose gels?

Brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Tue Aug 15 09:12:07 EST 1995

>I am wondering why everyone seems to use LMP agarose gels.  I have been using
>the Bio-Rad Prep-a-Gene kit to elute DNA from standard gel, so I didn't think 
>LMP gel would be necessary.  Now I'm beginning to wonder if there may be
>something in standard agarose that is contaminating my DNA (ligase inhibitors?)
>as ligation is not working out for me.

Take the $$ you'd spend on the kit, and buy some hi-fi LMT. Run your gel in
TAE, cut out your band, add some buffer & Mg++, melt, and use in ligations.
Seems to work way more often than not. May I suggest FMC LMT? (no affiliation)

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