Home made geneclean??

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Tue Aug 15 16:39:34 EST 1995

Margon Vandongen <vando005 at mc.duke.edu> wrote:
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>This is related to the next question in this group, my advice
>is not to try this on your own, it is not as simple as it seems.
>Kits are standardized and work (most times) as advertised.
>with regards, Margon Vandongen

Homemade Geneclean solutions:

NaI solution:  90.8g NaI, 0.5g Na2SO3.  H2O to 100ml
Glassmilk:  12.5g silica (Sigma #5631), 25ml H2O
New Wash:  50ml 100% EtOH, 2ml 5M NaCl, 2ml 0.5M Tris pH7.5, 0.4ml EDTA  
          pH8, 46ml H2O

I have never had a problem with homemade geneclean.  I think it is as 
simple as it seems.


				Matthew Petroski
				mdpetros at uci.edu
			Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
			 University of California, Irvine

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