H.Pylori complete genomic map

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   I would like to know if there exists a complete genomic map for 
helicobacter pylori.
                    Manuel Saenz M.D.
                    Graduate Student of Immunology

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You might try to contact Genome Therapeutics Corporation

Genome Therapeutics Corporation
100 Beaver Street (or 1365 Main Street)
Waltham, MA 02154 USA

Phone 617-893-5007

In the following articles it was suggested that they had
fully sequenced (although not ordered) the H. Pylori genome.

"Getting the Bugs Worked Out" [Research News] 
Science 267(5195): 172-174, January 13, 1995
Rachel Nowak

"Genome Therapeutics hopes bacteria study helps diagnose ulcers:
Genome Therapeutics Corp. said that its scientists completed th
genetic sequencing of the H. Pylori
Wall Street Journal December 12, 1994, B, 4:3
WSJ 0099-9660

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