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Tue Aug 15 08:45:05 EST 1995


>> : > Wouldn't it be great to make this new group and to keep all 
>> : > PCR related discussions there? It alone, I think, takes > 
>> : > 30% here. This way it will be easier to find PCR related 
>> : > stuff there and all the rest - here. 
>> : > 

Although there have been some favourable responses to this idea, when this 
came up before here I seem to remember a thumbs down, on the basis that most 
people use a variety of techniques. Though I mostly use this group for PCR 
info, establishing a new group would not stop people still sticking 
PCR-related questions in this (excellent) group. Then one would need to search 
two groups. I wonder if a compromise might be possible. Could it be arranged 
that all postings with PCR in the title be organised together? It would 
then require a convention about PCR in the title, so things like 'My primers 
failed again' do not get missed. Of course, this could be a slipperry 
slope to splitting up the newsgroup contents page into a lot of sub-headings. 
Would that be a bad idea? Maybe not as bad as breakaway groups. Paul??? 


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