RNA from T-cells

Volker Blaschke vblasch at gwdg.de
Tue Aug 15 04:29:09 EST 1995

Dear fellow researchers,

I need to make RNA from Buffy-coat (native) T-cells. However, with all 
the protocolls I've used so far (e.g. GuSCN/Ultracentrifugation, 
Chomczynski/Sacchi and Qiagen RNeasy kit), yield was incredibly low 
(around 5 ug total RNA from 20 million cells).

Fort Northerns, I need much more than this, but cell supply is obviously 

Does anyone know if this yield is in fact what one gets from native 
T-cells or of another methods giving higher yields?

Qiagen states in their protocoll that their yield is around 5 ug total 
RNA from 1 million T-cells, but what they don't say (and can't say on 
the phone) is if that's native cells or stimulated cells or a cell line.

Thanks for your help in advance!


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