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Wed Aug 16 05:37:34 EST 1995

In article: <40qph6$cmk at>  Torsten Boerchers <borcher at> writes:
> Dear Netters,
> when I just answered a post and looked up my favorite
> patent database link I realized that the US government
> decided not to fund the responsible organisation any 
> longer. Since I got a lot of valuable information, in 
> particular in the field of molecular biology, and since
> I believe that many others did so, I wanted to
> bring this to your attention and invite you to read
> about this at their home page:

I too use but use the gopher link. Nothing is reported on the
gopher link ie that the service will shut on 1st October 1995. Is it just
the www link that will shut or everything? As an aside I find it much quicker
to download an appropriate patent via ftp direct to the ftp server
( - /patent/data) rather than pick it up via gopher or www.


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