Need info about PRIMEGEN software.

Torsten Boerchers borcher at
Wed Aug 16 04:21:12 EST 1995

Nathan Lange <nelange at> wrote:
>Has anyone ever used the software program PRIMEGEN to select degenerate 
>oligonucleotide primers from multiple aligned sequences?  Is the program 
>worth purchasing?  Where is it available?  Is there a better program 
>Nathan Lange
>nelange at

are you really talking about Primegen?
I know a programme called PrimerGen which can be 
used to design (degenerated) primers for protein
stretches up to 80 aa. It is ok and runs under DOS. 
There are certain other programmes using larger platforms.
If anybody knows a DOS, (perhaps also Windows) programme
that handles more than 80 aa, please post.

filename             pgen11.exe
update               14-Apr-1992
version              1.1
size                 45 k
compressed           PAK
ASCII conversion     -
author               Nash J. H. E.
description          Oligonucleotide primer design by reverse-translation 
                     amino acid sequences
literature           CABIOS 9 (1993), 469-471
source code          -
sw requirements      -
hw requirements      VGA or EGA graphics card required

You can get it via

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